Arizona children’s insurance plan gets the go ahead

Children's insurance plan health care

The state has now joined the rest of the country and has become the last one to offer low income kids a program. Arizona has now become the fiftieth state to offer a children’s insurance plan to low-income kids, after the plan’s backers pushed it through the Legislature and landed it on the desk of Governor Doug Ducey (R), who signed it right away. The program will be known as KidsCare and will be the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program version for Arizonians. In Arizona, the children’s insurance plan has…

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$32 million in funding coming to the Children’s Health Insurance Program

CHIP Health Insurance for Children

Federal agency announced more funding for CHIP to ensure children have the coverage they need The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced that it will be providing $32 million in funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The program has been lacking funding in recent years, which has raised concerns that many children may lose the insurance coverage that they are using currently. The program was established nearly 20 years ago as a way to ensure that children of low-income families would be able to receive the…

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New legislation in Arizona seeks to secure health insurance for children

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Legislation revitalizing the KidsCare program has received approval from state representatives Children in Arizona may soon have access to the health insurance coverage they need thanks to new legislation. The legislation has been approved by the state’s House of Representatives and aims to revitalize a program known as KidsCare. The program is designed to provide coverage for children in families with incomes from 138% to 200% below the federal poverty level. The legislation revitalizing the program still has some legislative hurdles to overcome, but it has gathered strong support from…

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Arizona health insurance co-op will be closing at the end of the year

Arizona Health Insurance Exchange

Meritus Health Partners is struggling to find any financial success Arizona’s health insurance co-op, a non-profit organization meant to ensure state residents have access to insurance coverage, will be shutting down on December 31 this year. Meritus Health Partners, which provides coverage to nearly 60,000 Arizona residents, has suffered from financial complications over the past year, leaving it in a very troubling situation. The co-op’s governing board has determined that the best course of action will be to close down the co-op, with those affected by the closure having to…

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Nearly 60,000 Arizona residents will have to find new health insurance policies

Arizona Health Insurance

Arizona’s health insurance co-op will be shutting down this year Consumers in Arizona will have to find new health insurance policies following a decision made by state regulators to prohibit the sale of new policies through the Arizona health insurance co-op. Regulators have expressed fears that the co-op would fail. The co-op, called Meritus Health Partners, will be shutting down as a result of this decision, which means that some 59,000 people will lose their health insurance policies that were provided through the co-op. Consumers that received policies from Meritus…

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