New health insurance rules in Washington have been adopted

washington health insurance exchange

Rules aim to address issues within the state’s insurance and health care sectors

washington health insuranceNew rules concerning health insurance policies in Washington will soon be adopted that could improve consumer coverage throughout the state. The rules are meant to introduce several provisions that are meant to improve the services that policyholders receive while also expanding coverage options. While the new rules have been praised by many throughout the state, those opposing the rules suggest that they could have a negative impact on insurance companies, clinics, and hospitals.

Rules will require policies to provide consumers with more coverage for health care services and medical programs

The new rules introduce a requirement for health insurance policies to cover “timely” service, access to health care specialists, mental health treatment, and preventative care programs. The rules will also compel insurers to provide comprehensive reports on where their network-associated doctors and hospitals are located in the state. This may help policyholders better understand the health care networks they have access to through their policies, thus eliminating potential confusion regarding the matter.

Insurers claim that the rules are rushed and poorly designed

Some of the state’s insurers suggest that the new rules are poorly designed. The concern is that the rules are being rushed through to implementation, giving insurers little time to make comment on the rules. The most recent draft of the rules was made available in late March and insurers have until May 1 to submit their policies for review. These policies will be subject to the new rules and will be made available next year, but insurance companies are claiming that they have too little time to create effective policies that are compliant with the rules.

State officials are eager to enact new rules as soon as possible for the benefit of consumers

Insurers are asking for more time, but state officials are disinclined to provide it. The rules are meant to resolve serious issues within Washington State concerning health insurance coverage. Some lawmakers suggest that the sooner the rules are implemented, the better off the state’s residents will be when it comes to health care.

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