Morale-boosting activities to bond your workplace

Office morale is a serious factor for any business owner or manager, as it will directly impact the productivity and retention of a team. We often discuss the many things that negatively impact office morale, so let’s uncover what can actually improve office morale. Remember, having a happier workforce will create more opportunities for professional development and will likely also assist in achieving your business goals and that bottom line.

Contribute to a cause together

Deciding to support a cause is a great way to create unity in the office, especially if you give your staff the opportunity to choose their charity organization. When your staff start to brainstorm all the causes close to their heart, they will naturally bond as they hear about each other’s lives experiences and core values. What can be a more bonding experience than this? You might choose to donate to India, support a local homeless shelter, or you may even want to donate time or money to an animal refuge. Leave the choice to your team so they can collaborate on this together. 

Book or podcast club

Forming a book club or podcast club could be a great way to have common ground among the team. You might choose an industry-relevant book or you might like to make it more casual and go for a true-crime podcast series or even something fun and trivial. When offices are all work and no socializing, you are not getting the best environment and thus best energy – so see if your team is interested in forming a club. Make sure you each take turns in picking the book or podcast so that everyone gets a chance to choose what interests them.

Team Working Together

Team-building activities

It’s time to take your team out of the office into a new environment and start working together on a social level. This might be heading to the local pub for a meal and drinks, or you might want to do something like an escape room or something that engages your mind. Once again, it is great to rotate the choice so that all generations, preferences and lifestyles are accommodated. If your only team-building activity is the pub, then that might not be suitable for the parents in the office. The same goes for activities that are too expensive for various employees.

Make a pledge

A great way to bond with your workplace is to make a joint pledge, like an exercising challenge that has you walking every lunch, committing to a step challenge, or something of that nature. You might also make a pledge to meditate, journal or do other wellbeing activities that benefit your employees. This is a fun activity for offices that work late and don’t get to achieve other goals outside of work, as they will value the opportunity to incorporate some group pledges like this. 

Give your employees a seat at the table

More than any extracurricular activity, your employees want to be heard and respected. You can do this by giving them a genuine stake in the business and fielding their feedback on matters that relate to them and business operations. A monthly town hall meeting can be a fantastic forum to ask your employees what they think and any ideas they have that you can consider and implement. This is particularly important if you have a large business with lots of employees who don’t see or hear from management often, although it is just as valuable for a smaller organization too

There are some great morale-boosting activities that you can try in your office, and you might even find some other ideas along the way. Be sure to check in with your team to see if they are liking the new agenda or if some activities are just not for them.

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