Mercury Insurance says California’s bodily injury costs are rising

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The insurer’s new umbrella coverage provides Californians with enhanced protection against these claims.

Mercury Insurance has announced that it has relaunched its umbrella coverage after a redesign in order to provide Californians with an added protection layer above what a standard home or auto policy has to offer.

The coverage is meant as an added safety net in a state that is becoming increasingly litigious.

A news release from Mercury Insurance said that liability claim amounts are now 66 percent higher than they were before the pandemic, having climbed with each year since 2020. As a result of these high payouts, it has redesigned its umbrella coverage to provide enhanced protection against these new trends, whether they relate to an injury to a delivery person on a policyholder’s property, a dog bite, or a multi-vehicle crash, among other unexpected incidents.

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The increasing expense related to liability injury claims for home and auto customers has reached the point that it often exceeds traditional policy limits. It was for this reason that the insurer recreated its personal umbrella policy in California. Coverage now starts at under a dollar per day but offers substantially strengthened financial protection.

The Mercury Insurance umbrella policy is meant to keep up with California’s increasingly costly trends.

“Unexpected accidents are becoming more costly for Californians, which puts them at risk of having to pay out of pocket,” said the insurer’s vice president and chief product officer Jeff Schroeder. “During the last two years we’ve seen the number of million-dollar umbrella payouts increase by 50%. So, Mercury has redesigned its umbrella insurance to give Californians an extra layer of protection beyond a traditional auto or home policy. It’s an affordable safety net that protects you from these expensive accidents and litigious lawyers looking for a big payday.”

Among the new features of Mercury Insurance umbrella policies include multi-policy discounts, 3-year accident and violation free discount, uninsured motorist coverage, and increased liability coverage.

“Mercury’s policy is the ‘Goldilocks’ of coverages because it offers a very specific amount of extra protection that fits customers’ needs, which is really important for anyone who wants to safeguard their future against unexpected expenses and legal liabilities,” said Shroeder

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