Mercury Insurance says California’s bodily injury costs are rising

Mercury Insurance - bodily injury - broken arm

The insurer’s new umbrella coverage provides Californians with enhanced protection against these claims. Mercury Insurance has announced that it has relaunched its umbrella coverage after a redesign in order to provide Californians with an added protection layer above what a standard home or auto policy has to offer. The coverage is meant as an added safety net in a state that is becoming increasingly litigious. A news release from Mercury Insurance said that liability claim amounts are now 66 percent higher than they were before the pandemic, having climbed with…

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Insurance news in California spotlights a massive liability case victory

Cost sharing health plan makes insurance news

The state Supreme Court has ruled that multiple coverages can mean multiple payouts. The latest insurance news from the California Supreme Court has shown that it has ruled that the state and businesses who are covered by liability policies purchased from multiple insurers are now able to collect from each of those insurers separately when major losses are incurred. This is a potentially huge victory for both the state and the companies operating within it. One of the state’s lawyers explained the insurance news by saying that this ruling, which…

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