Massachusetts health insurance backlog progress is being made

Massachusetts health Insurance

Officials in the state have said that there tremendously backed up application processing is making headway.

Massachusetts health insurance officials have now reported that progress is being made in overcoming the huge backlog that the application processing has been facing in the state since the latest phase of the Affordable Care Act went into effect.

The backlog is the most immediate struggle that the state has been facing with the health care reform.

Massachusetts health InsuranceLegislators have been going over all of the various issues that the Massachusetts Health Connector site users have been facing. That is the name of the Massachusetts health insurance exchange, which has proven to be a maze-like, complex, and confusing experience online. Individuals and families in the state who do not have coverage through an employer have found themselves trying to navigate this labyrinth in order to make sure that they have enrolled and purchased the necessary coverage to comply with the health care law.

The Massachusetts health insurance website has accumulated applications faster than they could be processed.

The exchange website has been experiencing struggles since last fall when it was revamped and opened up to meet the requirements of the federal program. The site, itself, had already been in operation for the state’s own health care regulations and was functioning quite well. However, the greater complexity of the federal rules had to be integrated, and the way in which that was accomplished greatly diminished the way that the site has been able to function.

Therefore, residents of the state have found themselves being required to complete paper applications in order to both enroll and to replace their policies that were approaching the expiration date. This has generated a tremendous backlog for processing, as about 72,000 people have completed their applications – many of whom were previously uninsured.

During the weekly update in the state, officials have now said that within the previous week, considerable headway had been made in processing the Massachusetts health insurance backlog. In fact, the 22,000 pending applications for coverage that had been submitted through the website had all been processed. Among them, 15,000 had not previously had coverage

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