Understanding 485 health insurance requirements for overseas students in Australia

Understanding 485 health insurance requirements

Australia is becoming a very attractive place for skilled individuals to work.

This is especially true for students from other countries that have come to Australia to study. Skilled workers are in high demand and students tend to have an advantage over others because of the opportunities available to them in terms of employment programs and special visa options. The temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) is an example of the options that students have available to them. 485 visa holders are able to temporarily work in Australia with unlimited rights after graduating.

In order for students to be eligible of a 485 visa, they must also have health insurance.

Students coming to Australia for schooling must have health insurance for 485 visa holders for the entirety of their stay in the country. This provides coverage for doctorUnderstanding 485 health insurance requirements visits, medical care at some hospitals, and coverage for some emergency services and medications. The Overseas Student Health Cover program offers a wide range of products that are meant to accommodate the needs of students during their stay in the country.

There are some restrictions when it comes to 485 visas.

These are typically straightforward, such as the requirement of actually being in the country and attending a school. Those seeking to become 485 visa holders must be below the age of 50 and must already hold an official visa allowing them to remain in the country. Students must also meet the two-year Australian study requirement and must be competent in the English language.

In order to be eligible for a 485 visa, students must have recently graduated from their chosen university. They may also be eligible for this visa if they have skills and qualifications that are outlined in the Skilled Occupation List. There are numerous professions that are noted in the Skilled Occupation List, ranging from solicitor to medical care provider and beyond. These professions are, generally, in high demand and considered high value.

As in other countries, health insurance in Australia can be a tricky matter.

Policies for students, especially those from other countries, are not meant to provide coverage for all manner of ailment. Moreover, coverage can also be quite expensive for those that do not have access to financial aid. Because the Overseas Student Health Cover program provides access to a wide range of insurance products, it may be possible to find affordable insurance coverage. Less expensive policies tend to provide few coverage options, however, which may be problematic for those that have ongoing medical problems.

It is important to note that not all products offered by the Overseas Student Health Cover program comply with government standards concerning 485 visa requirements. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is responsible for outlining these requirements. IMAN, a prominent 485 health insurance provider in Australia, is often considered one of the best places for overseas students to find appropriate coverage. The company provides policies that meet the standards of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship without being considered excessively expensive. IMAN also provides the widest range of coverage options with its policies.

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