How Life Insurance Has Changed in the Past 5 Years

Insurance Industry Change

Facing the realities of the economic state of affairs across this country, society has evolved to display continually increasing interest in financial solutions that provide improved and increased predictability. Whether they are found in the forms of life or death benefits, or simply in better asset protection, the industry is changing and adjusting to deliver to consumers these new demands.  In the past five years, the life insurance industry has adapted to the modification of the country’s financial climate, all while developing some exceptional ideas and solutions to meet the variety of consumer needs. In this article we are going to discuss various ways life insurance has changed in the past five years.

The Transformation of Life Insurance Resulting From the Internet

The internet, over recent years, has so suddenly become not only the top source for all of our informational needs, but also the most convenient. According to, the life insurance industry is no exception in this matter. Consumers now have the ability to find life insurance quotes and policies designed to fit or conform to their very specific demands. The web has become a vital tool for life insurance providers to sell plans to suit every individual’s needs, all while making the task of rate comparisons much easier.

The Decrease in Consumers Due to Economic Pressures

With the percentage of households with life insurance coverage at its lowest in 50 years, millions of families are left without the security they so desperately need. According to recent surveys, families lacking life insurance policies seem to be particular to those that are most in need of the coverage for protection and crucial security. Despite the seemingly decreased premiums over recent years for term life insurance, financial institutions are still struggling to serve the needy families that are lacking protection.

The Struggle for Relevance through Advertising

While providers of life insurance attempt to rebrand themselves to appeal to younger generations, so many are still uneducated in the uses of insurance products as an investment tool. Young people are unaware of the beneficial qualities life insurance has to offer, leaving many aspects of the product simply not utilized. To reach this demographic, financial institutions to further spread this information have launched marketing campaigns.

The Breakthrough into Developing New Markets

Many of the larger insurance carriers are delving into the fresh developinLife Insurance Industry Changeg markets on an international level. With new countries quickly developing a great deal of middle class growth, there also come massive challenges to overcome. This new misleading endeavor also leaves a completely untapped market of the middle class right here at home.

The Industry’s Evolution to Conform for Consumers

With the vast majority of insurers attempting to take on a bigger impact in presence on social media, new consumers have the added convenience of being able to shop and compare life insurance products on the go via mobile devices. The life insurance industry’s willingness to adapt to digital marketing strategies and mobile distribution portrays just how far carriers have come in the inevitable and much awaited evolution of the industry.

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