Michigan Senate adopts Life Insurance Awareness Month resolution

Life Insurance Awareness Month - Michigan Flag

The Michigan state senate has adopted a Life Insurance Awareness Month resolution sponsored by Senator Lana Theis.

The resolution recognizes September as the time for state residents to learn about policies.

Michigan’s Senate recognized September as Life Insurance Awareness Month, a time in which residents are encouraged to learn about these policies, their premiums, and the way in which their families may benefit in case the worst should happen. The goal is to help state residents to avoid overlooking the policies that can be vital to a family’s financial security in case a covered family member with a necessary income should die.

“Life insurance is often overlooked, but I strongly encourage Michiganders to consider buying a policy to protect their loved ones,” said Senator Theis (R-Brighton). “Life insurance policies are vital to ensuring family members are taken care of when the unfortunate happens. Residents should take the time during Life Insurance Awareness Month to seek advice from a qualified insurance professional about providing a financially secure future for their loved ones.”Life Insurance Awareness Month - Beneficiary

The Life Insurance Awareness Month resolution is meant to help more residents to become beneficiaries.

Estimates show that these policies pay beneficiaries approximately $60 billion per year. That said, about 95 million American adults are not covered by policies. Moreover, the trend for owning either employer-sponsored or individual policies is on the decline.

“In this age of uncertain unemployment, creeping inflation, burdensome government shutdowns and worsening financial vulnerabilities, having life insurance coverage is more important than ever,” said Theis.

Michigan Senate Resolution 81 is meant to establish Life Insurance Awareness Month in the hopes of correcting that trend. This way, people will be able to inform themselves regarding the advantages of carrying these policies. Once informed, they can decide whether it is appropriate to have a policy. Many families are surprised at how affordable monthly premiums can be, particularly in the case of younger adults. In many cases, those policies can come with monthly premiums that cost less than a policyholder’s daily coffee consumption.

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