Insurance jobs may be easier to find with AgencyPoint

Insurance Jobs

Insurance Jobs

Farmers has launched its first facility location in Baltimore.

Farmers Insurance has just announced the opening of its new AgencyPoint facility, located in Owings Mills, near Baltimore, Maryland, which is designed to provide recruiting and training for individuals who want insurance jobs within the insurer by becoming independent owners.

The center is a part of a larger effort to expand the insurer’s markets and boost the existing ones.

Gregor Scott, the head of the field operations for AgencyPoint explained that Farmers is very excited about making its way into the Eastern United States through the opening of this new insurance jobs facility. He stated that “AgencyPoint offers a unique opportunity to anyone looking to become an independent business owner with Farmers.”

The AgencyPoint insurance jobs, themselves, are filled by highly trained employees.

Scott added that “The Owings Mills AgencyPoint will be staffed with highly trained Farmers employees to offer intensive hands-on training to candidates who will become successful Farmers agents.”

He pointed out that beyond the insurance jobs and small business opportunities that this effort will be bringing to Maryland, Farmers is also happy that they will be able to better promote the products that they have to offer. Maryland is the fifteenth state to be included in the expansion that Farmers has undergone in the Eastern United States.

For anyone in the area who is looking to take on insurance jobs that include ownership of an agency, AgencyPoint could be a significant opportunity. This large scale recruitment center and business development facility is meant to open these doors to anyone who would like to independently own a Farmers location.

The training that is offered to candidates will be informative, hands on, and intensive, in order to prepare them for their insurance jobs as agents and owners.

The insurer provides coverage products for home, auto, and small businesses through the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. The firm currently serves over 20 million individual policies across every state in the country. It currently has over 24,000 insurance jobs filled for those purposes and sells through more than 50,000 exclusive and independent agents.

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