Insurance jobs should continue their trend to gradually increase

Insurance Jobs

Insurance Jobs

Report shows that despite a slowing American economy insurers continue to post positions.

The latest insurance jobs statistics have shown that even though the U.S. economy appears to be going through another slowdown, insurers are continuing to post positions for more workers.

Companies continue to seek employees in an industry that still has rising demand.

According to the leading American employment website specific to the industry,, this past quarter has shown a steady increase, and they predict that this trend will continue into the future. The company’s president, Jay Rollins, said that careers with insurers are also in demand.

He added that the positions being offered “are often attractive, challenging and rewarding. Many careers in insurance pay a good salary and/or commissions, while promising career security and growth potential.”

Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data regarding insurance jobs indicated a 2.7 percent increase.

In February 2011, there were 2.21 workers across all sectors of the industry. However, by 2012, that number had increased to 2.27 million employees across all sectors.

Rollins explained that the ever rising life expectancy, and the steady growth of the population is helping in the natural increase of the industry, and the insurance jobs that go with it. Furthermore, he stated that as technology is being used on a growing basis, it is transforming the landscape for insurers and creating entirely new career paths for those who are seeking employment.

At the moment, the greatest demand is for workers in the sales field, as well as in claims, investigations, underwriters, and agents. At, alone, there are more than 5,000 new postings in these areas. These include positions from some of the largest insurers in the country, as well as smaller and more local organizations.

Neither that website nor the official statistics from government agencies have shown that the rate at which the demand for insurance jobs is growing will be showing any time of diminishing in the near future. This is very promising for individuals who are seeking careers within the industry, and for professionals who want solid employment during the present weak economic environment.

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