Insurance jobs in Oak Ridge to increase by 75

Insurance Jobs

The Tennessee employment marketplace will be growing as an insurer expands in the state.

Answer Financial Inc., one of the largest American online home and auto insurers has announced that it will be opening up 75 new insurance jobs in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

This is a part of its intentions to expand the offices that already exist in that city.

Oak Ridge is already the home of one of Answer Financial’s offices, and currently employs approximately 240 workers in various insurance Insurance Jobsjobs. The office functions primarily as a center for marketing and sales.

Answer Financial will soon be adding these insurance jobs to the Tennessee marketplace.

Though expanding into Tennessee, the headquarters of the insurer is in Encino, California. The company is a part of Allstate Corp., which is also known as a giant in the home and auto coverage marketplaces. The Oak Ridge office originally opened up its insurance jobs and operations in the late 1990s.

According to the CEO and president of the Oak Ridge Economic Partnership, Kim Denton, these new insurance jobs represent “a great thing for Answer Financial and a great win for Oak Ridge.”

Denton went on to explain that her organization has worked alongside Answer Financial throughout a number of different expansions that it has implemented over the last decade. Their work together has included assisting the company with both recruitment as well as insurance jobs training. She stated that “They have been a great corporate neighbor.”

Among the various goals of the Oak Ridge Economic Partnership is the promotion of diversity in the employment of the local area. The new insurance jobs being contributed by Answer Financial will be a helpful part of the effort to bring balance to the employment base that is currently dominated by the DOE.

Peter Foley, the senior vice president for sales and client services at Answer Financial stated that by increasing the number of insurance jobs, it means that there is notable growth in the opportunities available to both experienced sales professionals as well as those that are only just staring their careers.

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