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A new 125 positions will become available in the new Charlotte office of TZ.

TZ Insurance Solutions has announced that it will be bringing a new office to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and with that location will be 125 insurance jobs that will need to be filled.

The company’s contribution to employment will be more than welcome in the city.Insurance jobs

This firm is known as a provider of technology, internet marketing, direct marketing, and call center services for large insurers. It will be creating a new location in Charlotte for the first time, and believes that this will result in the creation of 125 local insurance jobs.

A press release revealed that it expects to fill 45 of the insurance jobs within the next two weeks.

The press release was distributed throughout the local industry by the Charlotte Chamber. The chamber’s president, Bob Morgan added to the release that “We welcome TZ Insurance Solutions LLC to Charlotte and are excited about the hundreds of jobs that could be created by their expansion.” He also stated that “Their situation is unique in that they literally hope to have some positions filled and folks on the job in just a matter of weeks.”

The hiring for these insurance jobs will – at least initially – be taking place for inside health and life insurance agents. These licensed agents can expect to begin their compensation at a rate of $14 per hour, but according to TZ Insurance, this is only a jumping off point, as it presents an opportunity for up to $100,000 in annual earnings with wages and bonuses combined.

TZ Insurance has stated that it has hopes that the local work force from the Charlotte office may increase to as many as 250 insurance jobs within the not too distant future. The company is a Tranzact subsidiary. That is a firm based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, but that also has offices in Fort Myers and Tampa, Florida, as well as in Dublin, Ohio. It has expressed great confidence in the success and growth of the location in Charlotte, and that it sees many opportunities in that area well into the future.

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