Insurance claims from Halloween vandalism are getting bigger

halloween homeowners insurance claims

Statistics have been revealing that claims from damage on that day are adding up to millions of dollars.

Despite the fact that Halloween is usually celebrated through fun and costumes, the rising number of insurance claims being filed every year have shown that it is also a time that a smaller number of people decide to take part in vandalism.

This, according to the statistics that were released by the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

Statistics have revealed that there are more insurance claims for vandalized property filed following Halloween than any other single day on the calendar. Moreover, these claims aren’t necessarily small ones. Together, they make up millions of dollars in covered damage just because of the activities that occur on that one night. Though the night has always had a history of the occasional thrown egg or tossed roll of toilet paper, things have been escalating over the years.

Now, it’s becoming more commonplace for insurance claims to be filed for trashed Halloween decorations.

halloween homeowners insurance claimsThe threat is larger for homes that don’t give out candy. According to insurance experts, it is important to factor in the actual cost of the damage before a claim is made. The reason they are giving this advice is that once a claim is made, it will stick in your record. If the damage was worth only a very small amount of money, it may not be worthwhile for a claim to be made. Not only could the deductible mean that a payout won’t occur – or that it will be exceptionally small – but it may also mean that this will stick in a record in the same way that bad debt mistake clings to a credit report.

Most people are being told to carefully read over their insurance policies before they call their insurers. Moreover, it is also important to take into consideration that not all policies come with vandalism coverage.

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America statistics have shown that the average claim cost on Halloween is almost $1,700. Clearly, the trend toward more expensive claims is growing, as that amount covers a great deal more than a broken plastic skeleton and cleaning an egg off a window.

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