Health insurance enrollment center opens in New Jersey

new jersey health insurance rates

Enrollment center will provide aid to those looking for health insurance coverage

A new health insurance enrollment center has opened in New Jersey. The center will be operating six days a week and will provide consumers with assistance in enrolling in the state’s health insurance exchange. Open enrollment for the exchange, as well as those located throughout the country, began at the beginning of November. Consumers looking for coverage will now be able to find the policies that they need through these exchanges, with many expected to qualify for subsidies from the federal government, which can reduce the cost of coverage by a significant margin.

State officials note the benefits of the Affordable Care Act

An event was held for the opening of the enrollment center, where New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Representative Frank Pallone spoke. The two noted the impact that the Affordable Care Act has had on the state, ensuring that several thousand people that did not have insurance coverage before were now covered. Many of these people found policies through the state’s health insurance exchange and the majority of these consumers also receive federal subsidies. This year’s open enrollment period is expected to see more people enroll in the state’s exchange.

Tax penalties will apply to those without health insurance coverage

new jersey health insurance ratesThose without insurance coverage will be faced with tax penalties, which are becoming more expensive in 2016. These penalties are issued through the Internal Revenue Service, and U.S. residents must note whether or not they have health insurance coverage when they file their taxes every year. The tax penalty is part of the Affordable Care Act and is meant to serve as an incentive to encourage consumers to purchase health insurance coverage.

Consumers will have aid when they search for insurance coverage

New health insurance plans are expected to be offered through the New Jersey insurance exchange. Consumers will be able to find this coverage through the marketplace, and those that need assistance will be able to use the new enrollment center. Insurance navigators are also available, as they are meant to assist consumers through the enrollment process.

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