Hurricane Matthew damage won’t be too much for insurance companies

Hurricane Matthew national flood insurance program

Insurers have said they’re prepared for claims payments regardless of what the storm brings.

The Hurricane Matthew damage that may be left behind by the storm may be the first time certain insurers will need to face a catastrophe aftermath. Other insurance companies are highly experienced and are braced for what could be the result of the storm. That said, at the moment, all insurers are saying that they are ready for what Hurricane Matthew has in store.

For some, this will be the first time they will need to handle catastrophe claims.

The last large hurricane that struck the region was in the 2004 to 2005 season which came with a string of storms that ended with Hurricane Wilma. It looks as though the Hurricane Matthew damage could impact certain states such as Florida and North Carolina. The path of the storm continues to be unknown. Insurance companies are telling their policyholders not to take any risks. Homeowners are advised to do what they can to keep themselves and their properties safe and protected. The insurers are getting ready for a rapid claims response.

Insurance companies are ready to deal with potential Hurricane Matthew damage through each step of the claims process.

Hurricane Matthew damage insurance industry 2016Many hurricane insurance companies have set themselves up to make sure their adjustors are mobilized. They are also arranging to ensure they have extra staff prepared to answer the phones for when the calls start coming in. This way, policyholders will be able to reach their insurers to begin the necessary processes and adjusters will be ready if the time comes that damage values need to be estimated.

Some insurance companies took steps earlier this week to advertise in local papers. These were meant to remind policyholders to contact claims departments directly in order to know exactly what to do if a claim needs to be made. Many insurers are also contacting their policyholders and local agents via email to ensure people are informed, have the information they need and are ready to cope with whatever Hurricane Matthew leaves behind.

The hope is that any Hurricane Matthew damage that occurs will be as minimal as possible. That said, insurance companies insist that they’re ready for anything.

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