Florida hurricane insurance preparation was effective, say officials

Florida hurricane insurance rates

The state has said that insurers were responsive to their customers because they were ready. State officials have said that Florida hurricane insurance companies have been responsive to customers. This responsiveness to the damage from two hurricanes this year was the result of preparation. Those hurricanes caused hundreds of millions of damage in that state alone. These were the conclusions shared by the Florida Division of Consumer Services. That division received only 375 calls regarding the way Florida hurricane insurance claims were handled. When taking into consideration that Hurricane Matthew…

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National Flood Insurance Program payouts reach $6.5 million in Georgia

Hurricane Matthew national flood insurance program

Residents of the state have now received payments for many of the 1,054 claims made following Matthew. Georgia victims of Hurricane Matthew have now received over $6.5 million in payouts from the National Flood Insurance Program. There were a total of 1,054 claims filed with the federal flooding program by the time November came to an end. Over $2.5 million had already been paid to residents in partial or advance payments. This amount was deducted from the total $6.5 million in payouts that are expected to be made from the…

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Allstate Insurance gathers supplies for North Carolina flood victims

cost of hurricanes to insurance

The massive insurer has been working to provide help to uninsured people affected by rising water. Allstate Insurance has been working to assist its North Carolina policyholders who were victims of Hurricane Matthew. That said, they have also been making an effort to assist the members of several communities who are not insured. The insurance company has established its Greenville, NC office as their donation center. Since the storm, Allstate Insurance has been using that location to help to gather supplies for those who need them. They recognize that many…

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Hurricane flood insurance coverage not carried by many Matthew victims

hurricane flood insurance

Many of the homeowners who experienced damage from flooding don’t have the necessary coverage. Many victims of Hurricane Matthew who have never had a drop of water in their homes before are finding themselves underwater without hurricane flood insurance. Communities well inland and far from flood plains were rescued by firefighters in boats. Though the concern had been seawater driven ashore, it was rain and runoff that caused considerable flooding. Drainage ditches were overwhelmed, sending rising waters into the homes of people without hurricane flood insurance. For many of them,…

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Hurricane insurance companies begin their responses to the damage

hurricane insurance companies

Following the devastation Hurricane Matthew left behind on the east coast, insurers are now responding to claims. Hurricane insurance companies are now responding to the thousands of claims they received as a result of Hurricane Matthew. These property damage claims occurred when the storm slammed its way across the bottom portion of the East Coast. Hurricane Matthew left its mark on states along the coast from Florida right through to Virginia. Damage was extensive in central Florida. That said, it wasn’t nearly as great as predictions had suggested. The area…

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