Hurricane Isaac may make its way to Mississippi

Tropical storm Isaac

Isaac matures into a hurricane and Mississippi prepares for storm’s arrival

Tropical Storm Isaac has matured into a full-fledged hurricane as it made landfall in Florida early Monday. According to Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance, more than 300 claims have been generated by the storm already, with many more expected in the coming days. Isaac’s path is expected to continue well beyond Florida, reaching as far as Mississippi, where hurricane Isaacthat state’s Department of Insurance is taking the time to remind homeowners to take caution before evacuating their property if such action in necessary.

Insurance Commissioner promotes adequate homeowners insurance for the storm

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney notes that Hurricane Isaac may make its way to the state and may cause damage to homes and other properties. If homeowners are required to evacuate their homes, the Insurance Commissioner wants to ensure that these consumers take the appropriate steps to ensure they will not face any undue financial risk. Acquiring adequate insurance protection for the storm is one of the measures the Commissioner is promoting.

Evacuees encouraged to take inventory of homes and possessions

Those that already have insurance coverage are being encouraged to take a detailed inventory of their home and possessions. If the worst should happen, this inventory will be valuable in dealing with insurers. Those that must evacuate their homes because of Hurricane Isaac should also take into account what supplies they may need to carry. Bottled water, flashlights, clothing, medication, hygiene supplies, and a first aid kit, are all suggested items that evacuees should carry. Consumers are also being warned to take note of what hurricane shelters are available in their area.

Hurricane Isaac may be a successor of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Isaac has caused the cancellation of several flights and events in the Gulf Coast states. In Mississippi, insurers are poised to handle any of the claims generated by the storm, but consumers are still being warned to maintain their personal safety. Hurricane Isaac is expected to cause a significant amount of damage, with some suggesting that it may be a successor to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

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