Homeowners insurance advice issued in Georgia following powerful storms

Georgia Homeowners Insurance

Insurance Commissioner Hudgens provides some advice to homeowners in the state

Georgia is no stranger to natural disasters, but many of its residents may not know how to handle their insurance companies in the wake of a severe storm. Several powerful storms have tore through the state in recent weeks, highlighting a lack of awareness concerning certain insurance issues. The state’s Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, has provided some recommendations for those that have had their properties damaged by recent storms.

Getting in contact with an insurance agent and documenting damage are important first steps

Commissioner Hudgens suggests that anyone whose home has been damaged by a natural disaster should get in contact with their insurance agent immediately. The longer it takes for a claim to be filed with a homeowners insurance company, the more likely it will be for this claim to be denied. Agents can help with the claims process, ensuring that claims are filed appropriately and that their representative insurance company receives all the information they need to properly investigate a claim.

Keeping records of any repairs made to damaged property is advised

Georgia Homeowners InsuranceHomeowners and drivers are being encouraged to record as much information as they can about their properties and any damaged caused by a storm or other disaster. Taking photographs of damage can be valuable evidence when an insurance company is investigating a claim. Homeowners are also being encouraged to secure damaged areas. If a storm causes damage to a roof, for instance, homeowners should consider covering the area with a tarp in order to prevent further damage. If any repairs are made, homeowners are advised to keep records of all payments.

Understanding what is and is not covered by an insurance policy could help consumers avoid problems

Commissioner Hudgens has also reminded the state’s residents that homeowners insurance companies often provide financial aid that can cover living expenses for those that have fallen victim to major natural disasters. This aid is typically part of a homeowners insurance policy, but consumers should take time to read through their policies in order to understand what is and what is not covered by their insurer.

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