Texas wildfire victims often didn’t have home insurance coverage

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Many of the structures – including homes – that were taken by the fires lacked a policy.

Many of the victims of the wildfires that blazed through parts of Texas were without home insurance coverage, leaving them without any financial support to help them to recover.

As a result, man of those victims might never experience full financial recovery

At a recent news conference, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that many of the people who lost their homes to the wildfires “had no insurance.”  As a result, he pointed out that many people are currently “in great need.”

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A lack of coverage is a notable risk for many people across Texas, as it leaves them financially exposed to disasters such as wildfires and extreme weather, many of which are becoming more severe and frequent due to climate change.

Unfortunately, the cost of home insurance is quite high in Texas, when compared to most other states in the country, precisely due to the increased risk, as well as because the cost of repairs has also increased.  Last year, the increase in homeowners’ premiums in Texas outpaced the rate experienced by the country as a whole.

Rural residents are less likely to have home insurance

In Texas, people living in rural areas are less likely to have coverage than those living in urban areas. This means that when they are struck by a disaster, they risk having a much harder time recovering.  This problem is only compounded by the fact that many residents of rural areas are lower-income households.

It is financial struggles and rising premiums that cause many rural residents of Texas to drop their coverage in the first place. Unfortunately, they are also the people least likely to have the necessary resources to make a full recovery if they are impacted by a disaster.

Families are seeking help

The Panhandle fires in Texas destroyed many homes. Unfortunately, in that region, it is common not to carry home insurance coverage, as many residents simply cannot afford the premiums.  As they already own their homes, the regulations that apply to people with mortgages do not apply, so there is nothing requiring those property owners to have coverage.

Now, victims of the wildfires are looking to alternative resources to try to find the assistance they need to get back on their feet again and recover their homes.  Organizations such as the United Way in the area have been contacted by dozens of families whose homes have been destroyed or damaged and who are seeking assistance because they are not insured.

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