Health insurance enrollment deadline extended in Minnesota

Minnesota Health Insurance

Minnesota residents will have more time to enroll for insurance coverage

Residents of Minnesota now have more time to ensure that their health insurance policies will be active at the beginning of 2016. The state’s insurance exchange, called MNsure, has managed to make health insurance coverage more accessible to thousands of consumers throughout the state. The open enrollment period will run until the end of January, 2016, but consumers must have active insurance on January 1 or they will face fines from the federal government.

Consumers can enroll for coverage by December 28 to ensure their policies are active on January 1, 2016

In most states, consumers have until December 15 to enroll for health insurance coverage to ensure that their policies will be active at the beginning of next year. Minnesota officials, however, want to make sure that state residents have enough time to find coverage through the exchange without facing the risk of being hit by federal penalties. As such, state officials have extended the deadline, allowing consumers until December 28 to enroll for coverage, with a guarantee that this coverage will go active on January 1, 2016.

Uninsured consumers will face a penalty from the federal government next year

Minnesota Health Insurance Those without health insurance coverage will be facing a federal penalty. This penalty is growing, which could place some consumers under significant financial pressure. In 2016, the fine for those without insurance coverage will be $695 or more, depending on their income. Fines are issues when consumers file their tax and those without coverage are being encouraged to enroll in insurance exchanges to avoid federal penalties.

Consumers can make use of health insurance navigators for free

Consumers are also being warned to beware of scams coming from those claiming to represent health insurance organizations. These scams involve consumers being asked to pay for services that are available for free. Those wanting to enroll in health insurance exchanges have free access to insurance navigators, which are able to aid in the enrollment process and provide consumers with the information they need to find the policies that best suit their needs.

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