Health insurance enrollment deadline extended in Minnesota

Minnesota Health Insurance

Minnesota residents will have more time to enroll for insurance coverage Residents of Minnesota now have more time to ensure that their health insurance policies will be active at the beginning of 2016. The state’s insurance exchange, called MNsure, has managed to make health insurance coverage more accessible to thousands of consumers throughout the state. The open enrollment period will run until the end of January, 2016, but consumers must have active insurance on January 1 or they will face fines from the federal government. Consumers can enroll for coverage…

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Health insurance navigators are available in North Carolina

North Carolina home health insurance

Navigators can help consumers find coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange Those looking to purchase health insurance coverage from the North Carolina insurance exchange will be able to find additional help from navigators. These navigators are individuals trained in the various services that the exchange offers and can be instrumental in helping people find the coverage that is most appropriate for their situation. By law, navigators cannot work directly with insurance companies in order to avoid any conflict of interest. Instead, these people are associated with non-profit organizations. Navigators…

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Health insurance navigators are a hot topic in many states

Health Insurance Navigators

Stricter regulations for navigators are being introduced in many states Lawmakers in many states throughout the U.S. are beginning to scrutinize insurance navigators with more intensity. These navigators work as part of state health insurance exchanges and are affiliated with non-profit organizations per the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The role of a navigator is quite simple: They are meant to provide assistance to people that are trying to find coverage through their state’s insurance exchange. The federal guidelines that determine who can and cannot be a navigator are…

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Health insurance navigators may be held to a higher standard in Louisiana

agent staff health insurance jobs navigator

New legislation seeks to increase the regulation of insurance navigators working in the state Health insurance navigators in Louisiana may need to receive special permits from the state government in order to work with consumers. New legislation, called House Bill 764, has been introduced that would require navigators to live up to a higher regulatory standard. The organizations managing these navigators would also have to receive special permits as long as they continue to accept money from the federal government. The legislation has managed to attract some support from the…

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Texas seeks higher requirements for health insurance navigators

Texas health Insurance companies

Navigators may be held to a higher standard in Texas The Texas Department of Insurance has proposed new requirements of health insurance navigators that will be working in the state’s insurance exchange. These navigators are a part of the Affordable Care Act and exist to provide assistance to consumers that are seeking coverage through the state-based exchange. Navigators can only work with non-profit organizations that have no affiliation with insurance companies and are subject to a federally mandated 40 hours of training before they can assist consumers. Agency wants more…

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