Health insurance continues to divide those in the US

Health insurance care reform confusion debate

Survey shows that health care continues to be a very controversial issue in the US

Health insurance care reform confusion debateDigital media company Morning Consult has released the results of a new survey highlighting consumer opinion regarding health insurance in the U.S. The matter of insurance is somewhat controversial throughout most of the country, partly due to the fact that it has become a heavily politicized matter. The Affordable Care Act is somewhat to blame for this, as it became a platform upon which the current administration based much of its political clout. Divisive opinions regarding the impact of the federal health care reform law have kept health insurance well within the boundaries of controversy.

Consumers blame insurance companies and the government for health care costs

Approximately 30% of respondents to the survey said that they blame insurance companies for the high cost of health care. Another 25% blame the federal government, with only 12% placing blame with pharmaceutical companies. The cost of medical care has become a hot topic throughout much of the U.S. and the issue has become somewhat exaggerated by the misconception that the Affordable Care Act was meant to make health care free for all.

Medical care is becoming excessively expensive

It is common for insurance companies to receive blame for the high cost of health care, but many insurers suggest that hospitals and other medical organizations are the real reason behind expensive care. Medical professionals are making use of new technology that is exorbitantly expensive and they are also prescribing costly medications that, in some very rare cases, may not be needed. The cost of medical care is often handled by insurance companies, which must overcome financial losses by raising rates for the coverage they provide. Insurers suggest that the cost of medical care is something that requires more regulatory attention.

Cost of health care may not be resolved without focusing on several fronts

The high cost of health care is not an issue that can be addressed without taking action on multiple fronts. Some insurance companies may need to be placed under more stringent regulatory scrutiny, while in other cases the federal government may need to take decisive action on the cost of medical care. Consumers and politicians are divided on these issues, however, so it could take years before any serious action is taken on the matter.

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