Health insurance cease order goes into effect in Kentucky

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Christians only plan is no longer allowed to continue and members must find coverage elsewhere.

The members of a health insurance plan for Christians only have officially lost their coverage as of November 1, as a Kentucky judge’s order to cease operations has gone intHealth insurance news o effect.

According to the judge, the program does not meet the state’s regulations for coverage.

Thomas Wingate, a Franklin County Circuit Judge, ruled that Medi-Share does not meet the basic health insurance coverage regulations of the Department of Insurance, and that it will, therefore, not be permitted to continue operations within the state.

This decision has required its approximately 800 members to seek health insurance elsewhere.

According to Tony Meggs, the president of Medi-Share, “We just don’t think the Department of Insurance or Judge Wingate thought through the reality that you have 800 people now that, overnight, have nothing.” He went on to say that “The state, with Medi-Share, should come together to provide some type of transition for these people.”

The health insurance plan that was offered by Megg’s company was designed for only Christian customers. The company’s attorneys have been urging the judge to reconsider the decision in order to provide the members with more time to find the coverage that they need to replace what they had.

Judge Wingate made his decision about the program because the plan’s coverage did not meet the state’s minimum standards. Furthermore, as the plan is designed more as a cost sharing program and not a standard form of policy, there was no guarantee that its members would receive the coverage they required when the time came to make a claim. Though it had some resemblance to traditional secular insurance, it is a Florida based company that allowed participation only to Christian churchgoers who have promised never to use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, and who do not have sex outside of marriage.

The Department of Insurance in Kentucky had made a list of insurers available to all of the members of Medi-Share. This way, they would know which companies would provide them with policies that meet the state’s health insurance standards.

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