Texas insurance alternative offered by health sharing ministries

Texas health Insurance companies

Open enrollment for next year’s coverage is less than a month away and now new options are arising. The Texas insurance market is now seeing a new and more active participant, now that the 2015 open enrollment is rapidly approaching, as the so-called health sharing ministries are seeking to bring in new members who would like to have coverage but either want an alternative to the traditional plan or cannot afford one. This is a critical time in which to market health insurance, as consumers prepare to make their 2015…

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Health insurance cease order goes into effect in Kentucky

lawsuit Usher’s insurance broker company

Christians only plan is no longer allowed to continue and members must find coverage elsewhere. The members of a health insurance plan for Christians only have officially lost their coverage as of November 1, as a Kentucky judge’s order to cease operations has gone into effect. According to the judge, the program does not meet the state’s regulations for coverage. Thomas Wingate, a Franklin County Circuit Judge, ruled that Medi-Share does not meet the basic health insurance coverage regulations of the Department of Insurance, and that it will, therefore, not…

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Christian cost sharing health plan forced to cease operations

Cost sharing health plan makes insurance news

The Kentucky Medi-Share coverage has been put to a halt by the state. The Department of Insurance in Kentucky has advised the members of Medi-Share, a Christians only cost sharing health plan, that this coverage has been ordered to cease its operations within the state, and that if they wish to continue their coverage, then they will need to seek policies from other insurers. This announcement came following the ruling of Thomas Wingate, a Franklin County Circuit Judge. That ruling was made earlier in October, and stated that as the…

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Christian medical plan expempt from health care reform law

In a recent ruling, democrat lawmakers have won the right to keep Christian medical plans in place, and members will not be forced to carry traditional health insurance under Obama’s health care reform. Medi-Share, a Christian health cost sharing plan with close to 40,000 members, is not considered health insurance. The plan has been growing in popularity over the past 17 years by offering lower costs than regular insurance plans and setting forth rules for its members of no: illegal drugs, tobacco, no sex out of marriage, no alcohol abuse…

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