Health care importance is high in the American Presidential Vote

Health care importance - I Voted American Sitcker

77 percent of survey respondents said this was a significant factor and 35 percent said it was critical.

The results of a recent survey have revealed the health care importance when voting for the next US president. The survey was conducted by and discussed the connection between this factor and the country’s politics.

Over three quarters of the survey’s respondents felt that it was a significant election issue this year.

At the highest level of health care importance was reducing the costs, said the participants in the survey. The survey also broke down the responses into political party leanings to better understand the way various demographics prioritize the issue. That said, over half the respondents, regardless of their party leaning, expressed dissatisfaction with the current American healthcare system.

Among respondents who were Independents, 40 percent felt it was important to reduce health insurance costs, 16 percent thought Medicare for all was significant, and 13 percent felt that access to coverage was central.

Among Democrats, 26 percent felt that reduction of costs was important, while 42 percent of Republicans said the same. Twenty two percent of Democrats wanted to strengthen and/or protect the Affordable Care Act, while 20 percent of Republicans were in favor of repealing it. Among Democrat respondents, 21 percent wanted Medicare for all, whereas 18 percent of Republicans were focused on improving the quality of care.

While examining the health care importance of certain improvements, the survey indicated certain preferences.

These included the following, including voters of all party leanings:

  • 2 percent wanted to raise Medicare and Medicaid payments to doctors
  •  5 percent wanted to reduce the Medicare age to make more people eligible
  •  7 percent wanted to broaden Medicaid eligibility to give more people access
  • 9 percent wanted to reduce insurance company restrictions
  • 12 percent wanted to lower insurance cost through government subsidies
  • 13 percent wanted to eliminate surprise medical bills
  • 19 percent were in favor of Medicare for all
  • 25 percent wanted a public option for those to whom that appeals, while maintaining employer-sponsored health insurance.

Among the participants in the health care importance survey for the US Presidential Vote, Health care importance - I Voted American Sticker25 percent identified as Independent, 36 percent were Republicans and 37 percent were Democrats.

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