Florida insurance agency launched new interactive digital marketplace to help serve consumers

Online InsuranceStrong Tower Insurance, an insurance agency based in Florida, has launched a new interactive marketing campaign in an attempt to broaden insurance coverage throughout the state. The agency has built a new website that will help consumers connect with the company and find policies that suit their needs. The website will serve as a virtual marketplace akin to the ones that will be set up in each state by health insurance exchanges. Instead of encompassing the whole of the state’s insurance companies, however, the policies found through the website will be from Strong Tower.

The website is designed to make shopping for insurance much more intuitive. The terms used to define insurance policies will be easier to understand online as the company will provide definitions and clarifications where necessary. This will allow consumers to know exactly what they are purchasing and how it will protect them. Currently, the agency focuses on providing commercial insurance policies, specializing in protection against cybercrime and policies for religious institutions.

A growing number of insurance companies are beginning to establish a more robust presence online. The coming insurance exchanges will change the insurance landscape drastically as they will allow consumers to search for policies without having to rely on insurance companies. By entering into the digital marketplace early, insurers will be able to get valuable experience with a system they will end up competing with in the future.

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