Tips For Selecting The Most Suitable Auto Insurance

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An auto insurance check list… Auto insurance is your shield against an array of misfortunes that can potentially strike you when you take to the roads. The nature of protection spans from paying off the monetary damage claimed for injuring a person or causing damage to the property to getting reimbursed in the event of your vehicle sustaining damages. Many states have made it mandatory by law. While embarking on the venture to pick up the most robust auto insurance, the following tips will abundantly guide you in the right…

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Florida insurance agency launched new interactive digital marketplace to help serve consumers

Strong Tower Insurance, an insurance agency based in Florida, has launched a new interactive marketing campaign in an attempt to broaden insurance coverage throughout the state. The agency has built a new website that will help consumers connect with the company and find policies that suit their needs. The website will serve as a virtual marketplace akin to the ones that will be set up in each state by health insurance exchanges. Instead of encompassing the whole of the state’s insurance companies, however, the policies found through the website will…

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Do associations truly offer the best insurance rate discounts?

An investigation by Consumer Reports has shown that while some policies that are quoted through associations – AARP, for example – are often cheaper than rates quoted without a membership, many quotes received through associations are more expensive. Although many people automatically assume that they will be receiving a better price by receiving a quote through their membership with an organization, alumni association, or other group, this is not always the case. There may be perks to the membership, but this does not always include cheaper insurance. Consumer Reports gave…

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