Do you have an external battery charger in your winter readiness kit?

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery charger

The time to prepare for storms has already arrived and many people haven’t yet taken important steps.

When it comes to preparations for winter storms, the time has already arrived, but many homeowners have yet to juice up their emergency external battery charger, trim their trees and service their various types of equipment.

Waiting until the last moment is one of the best ways to increase the risk of damage to a property.

Most insurance companies recommend that preparations for winter storms start with the beginning of the fall season. This means that if you haven’t already started with those efforts, it’s time to get moving! There are a number of recommendations that are being made to help people to get ready for what the colder months will have in store for us. These include reviewing and updating insurance policies, but there are also a range of preventative efforts that can help to make sure that a claim won’t need to be made in the first place.

Emergency power such as a generator and external battery charger are a great place to start.

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery chargerThe following are some of the best ways to protect your home and your family from the dangers posed by winter weather:

• Backup power – power failures can easily occur during winter storms, as wind, ice and heavy snow can overwhelm a power company’s best efforts to keep the electricity flowing. A backup generator can be a handy way to keep central heat running, the refrigerator running and even a few lights on in the long dark hours of the coldest months of the year. At the same time, an external battery charger can keep your smartphone charged so you won’t be cut off from the frozen world outside your windows.
• Trim trees and tall hedges – cut back dying or dead limbs as well as any branches that touch your siding or roof. These could break with wind or heavy snow or ice and are among the leading causes of damage. Call in the professionals when it comes to clipping branches near power lines.
• Have snow removal equipment ready – whether you rely on a snowblower or you swear by your trusty you-powered shovel, make sure that you have everything you need and that it’s easily accessible. A snowblower isn’t much use if it won’t start or if you’re out of gas. A shovel won’t help you if it’s lost in the storage at the back of your garage or if the handle has rotted over the years. Look into these issues before you need them.

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