Drivers must winterize their vehicles from roof to tire

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Winter is definitely here and preparing your car to head out into it is better done late than never. The snowy weather is certainly upon a large amount of the country and while it is best to winterize everything – from each tire to the windshield and interior of the vehicle – well in advance of the cold weather, it’s better done late than never at all. When the thermometer mercury falls, the roads and a vehicle’s performance will change dramatically. Drivers who keep their vehicles (and driving habits) winterized…

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Do you have an external battery charger in your winter readiness kit?

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery charger

The time to prepare for storms has already arrived and many people haven’t yet taken important steps. When it comes to preparations for winter storms, the time has already arrived, but many homeowners have yet to juice up their emergency external battery charger, trim their trees and service their various types of equipment. Waiting until the last moment is one of the best ways to increase the risk of damage to a property. Most insurance companies recommend that preparations for winter storms start with the beginning of the fall season.…

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