Mercury Insurance prepares to assist Dixie Fire victims with policies

Dixie Fire victims - Fire Evacuation

The insurer published a news release confirming its readiness to help displaced or evacuated policyholders.

As the situation in California worsens, Mercury Insurance issued a news release confirming to its policyholder Dixie Fire victims that it is ready to help them.

As local authorities issue mandatory evacuation orders for residents, policyholders have support.

The insurer is reminding Dixie Fire victims who have homeowners’ or renters’ coverage that they can call for support if they have been displaced or evacuated. Representatives are ready to help address covered claims while still following local procedures for social distancing. Among the types of assistance these representatives are providing include help with claims, but also arranging temporary housing and providing assistance with the extra living expenses policyholders are facing when they are following mandatory evacuation orders.

Mercury Insurance is also reminding its customers that when they are facing an evacuation order, they should ensure they bring essential supplies with them to keep themselves and their families safe throughout the evacuation. It is a good idea to have an emergency bag ready with prescriptions, a few days’ worth of clothing and personal items, and other supplies. That way, if the order is issued, there is enough time to get everything together and make sure every member of the family stays safe.

Evacuation orders don’t provide a lot of time, so Dixie Fire victims can contact their insurers for help.

“It’s important for everyone to get their families to safety by following the evacuation orders,” said Mercury vice president of property claims, Chris O’Rourke. “Mercury is ready to help our customers who were forced to leave their homes due to the mandatory evacuation orders, and they should contact their agents or call the Mercury Claims Hotline at (800) 503-3724 for help. Californians should keep their receipts for these additional living expenses as their homeowners or renters insurance policy can help them recoup this money.”

Dixie Fire victims - Fire EvacuationO’Rourke recommends that Dixie Fire victims contact their insurance companies as soon as they can to report losses. This makes it possible for the insurers to act as soon as possible to provide the necessary assistance and, if needed, start to rebuild.

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