State Farm reminds animal owners to create a pet evacuation plan

Pet Evacuation - dog supplies

Moreover, it has pointed out that existing plans should be reviewed annually to ensure they are up to date.

State Farm has issued a news release on its official website reminding people of the importance of creating and maintaining a pet evacuation plan in case the unexpected should happen.

As natural disasters become more frequent and extreme, the insurer wants pet owners to be responsible.

“Being a responsible pet owner means preparing for the unexpected,” read the statement. It pointed out that the way a family handles their furry, four-legged family members is often overlooked, and pet evacuation plans are skipped when emergency strategies are put into place. This places some people in the position of having to scramble at the last second if they should face emergency situations.

The insurer pointed out that, as unpleasant as it may be to think about situations in which the worst could happen, having a plan in place can make all the difference if disaster strikes. That way, in times of extreme stress, many important decisions have already been made and it is a matter of acting on them, instead of trying to come up with the best choices when things are already difficult.

Creating a pet evacuation plan includes knowing what to do and having an emergency supply kit.

The first step in planning is to know what resources are available. Find out what hotels in the area are animal friendly. Look for more than one and record their addresses and phone numbers. Keep them in your disaster kit so they will be available if you have to leave at a moment’s notice. That will also give you the opportunity to call right away and confidently make a reservation, instead of having to call around when you’re already struggling to deal with your own evacuation. Also record the numbers and addresses of shelters that provide emergency housing, in case that alternative would better suit your situation at such a time, such as if you are unable to care for your animals yourself following the emergency.

Make sure your pets have proper identification that they wear at all times, ideally including a collar tag and a microchip. Keep photos on your phone and in your emergency kit. Your emergency kit – the supplies for your pet evacuation plan – should also include a crate or carrier for your pet, an extra leash, cat litter and a litter Pet Evacuation - dog suppliesbox (for cats), a towel, mat or pet bed, bottled water and a collapsible bowl, three days’ worth of food, toys and treats, medication, veterinary records and phone numbers, pet insurance information, and a pet first aid kit.

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