Cover-All Technologies acquires BlueWave Technology

Insurance NewsThe Delaware-based Cover-All Technologies Inc., has announced that it has acquired BlueWave Technology’s assets, including all of its innovative software solutions for insurance claims, called PipelineClaims.

The acquisition was made in cash and came into effect as of December 30, 2011. The browser-based software solution for claims administration will now be marketed by Cover-All as both a fully integrated component into its existing products for Policy and Business Intelligence, and as a standalone product. This way, Cover-All hopes to be able to provide its customers will a full function, fully integrated business technology platform.

The Cover-All portfolio will benefit from the new claims capabilities because it will now be equipped with the ability to provide its current and future customers with a significant amount of additional value. This will also provide the company with a notable advantage over its competition through its complete offerings integration in the property and casualty marketplace.

Honolulu, Hawaii-based BlueWave Technology provides Third Party Claims Administrators (TPAs) as well as insurance companies and other entities, with a comprehensive claims solution that has been specifically created with a thorough knowledge of the claims process, through the use of the most cutting-edge technologies. This way, the result is a simple to use, flexible, efficient, and functionally rich claims solution.

BlueWave has already been responsible for a large amount of hype within the marketplace, and it has already established two customers within production. According to a company press release, the solutions produced by BlueWave are an important addition to the expansion of Cover-All’s services within the property and casualty industry.

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