Embroker announces new chief insurance officer hire

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The insuretech has announced expansion to its C-suite with a new tech chief as well.

Embroker, a digital business insurance platform known for simplifying the business coverage process, has announced the hiring of a new chief insurance officer and chief technology officer. This broadens its C-level management for the purpose of driving the platform forward.

The new execs bring vital expertise and experience to the company as it shakes up the industry.

The new chief insurance officer is taking on an insuretech providing all business insurance online. It covers startups that have received venture capital funding, law firms employing between 2 and 20 people, and small and midsized private companies in the storage, restaurant, manufacturing, construction, real estate, wholesale/retail, technology, and most professional service providers. It also covers non-profits such as voluntary health organizations, religious organizations, grantmaking foundations, theaters, museums, zoos, and many more.

The company has announced that it has hired Steve Prymas as its new chief insurance officer. Prymas has more than 20 years of experience, having last served as General Reinsurance Corporation (Gen Re) vice president, specialty lines manager, and global chief underwriting officer of cyber. Before that, he worked at The Hartford for 17 years, having been vice president and head of Hartford financial products. With Prymas on board, Embroker seeks the further development of its business vertical specialty insurance products.

The chief insurance officer has arrived at a time of significant growth for the Embroker platform.

At the same time, the chief technology officer has also been hired. Jonas Edgeworth also brings 20 years of experience with him, his having been in fintech, data science and cyber security. He came to the company from having been the Veem chief technology officer. Before that, he worked at Goldman Sachs as the vice president of engineering, head of interest rate products technology. In his role as Embroker CTO, he will take the lead in moving the first business insurance digital platform ahead.

“Existing options for business insurance are rooted in legacy systems and antiquated processes, a model that has become unsustainably inefficient in a modern world. Embroker is radically simplifying business insurance by removing all traces of those legacy systems, and replacing them with a digital-first platform that enables any Chief insurance officer - business - jobcompany to get the right coverage at the best price,” said Embroker CEO Matt Miller when discussing the new chief insurance officer and CTO hires. “Steve and Jonas will play an instrumental role in the scaling of our platform, allowing us to target more markets and truly transform business insurance.”

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