Charles Short Insurance offers Texas business owners advice for coverage of horses

Horse InsuranceThe Charles Short Insurance team has recognized the importance of animals to Texans, and has made efforts to acknowledge the problems that those individuals face regarding risks connected with running a business that includes them.

Companies that do involve animals have a significant challenge ahead of them and will usually opt for Texas general liability insurance to try to cover themselves in case an accident should occur as a result of one of the animals, or in their barns or elsewhere on their farms. Though this will not replace standard Texas business insurance, it does offer the additional protection needed by the owners of businesses that require their clients and employees to be near unpredictable animals.

Recently, the Texas Farm Animal Limitation of Liability Act was passed by the state legislature. This will be of great help to businesses that conduct lessons relating to horses and that operate horse barns.

Charles Short Insurance agents have already witnessed the struggles of many clients with good intentions but who then must undergo legal issues as a result of accidents that happen when riders fall off horses or the animal hurts itself on some form of equipment in the barn.

The new legislation is designed to provide these business owners with additional protection in claims relating to horses, and will require them to post signs on their land regarding the regulations. This signage will highlight the various risks connected to activities with horses.

The Charles Short Insurance team wishes to point out that this new legislation does not provide full liability protection to business owners, and that they will still need to obtain Texas property insurance in order to give themselves some level of immunity against liability claims.

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