Business insurance tips for small company startups

Business Insurance

Affordable business insurance can provide significant financial protection for startups. When starting a small company, it is important to look into the types of business insurance that will be required to help you to mitigate risk and protect the financial future of your organization, no matter its size. There are certain types that will be very useful for making sure that you will be covered against a number of different potential circumstances, though there are also forms of coverage that you may not require. As you consider the various forms…

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Charles Short Insurance offers Texas business owners advice for coverage of horses

The Charles Short Insurance team has recognized the importance of animals to Texans, and has made efforts to acknowledge the problems that those individuals face regarding risks connected with running a business that includes them. Companies that do involve animals have a significant challenge ahead of them and will usually opt for Texas general liability insurance to try to cover themselves in case an accident should occur as a result of one of the animals, or in their barns or elsewhere on their farms. Though this will not replace standard…

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