Casey Kasem Life insurance battle is now headed to court

Casey Kasem signature life insurance

The war within the legendary radio personality’s family over his estate will now be settled in the courtroom.

The fights between the children and the second wife and widow of radio legend Casey Kasum (who died in the summer of 2014) didn’t start with the raging disagreements over his estate and the massive life insurance check that comes with it, but those are the latest issues being faced, and they are now headed to court to allow the legal system to try to figure them out.

The life policy carried by Casey Kasem’s is worth over $2 million and his kids are fighting his widow for it.

That aid, it was the life insurance company, MetLife, that actually filed the lawsuit, not the family members. The insurer said that it was simply at a loss and it wanted the court to step in and take over when it comes to making the right decision. Both Jean Kasem, the widow, and Kasem’s three children have said that they are entitled to the life insurance policy’s payout, and MetLife wants to protect itself against making the wrong decision. It doesn’t want to end up having to make such a large payment twice.

Therefore, the life insurance company is allowing a judge to choose the beneficiary of the money.

Casey Kasem signature life insuranceCasey Kasum’s three children had hired a lawyer who sent MetLife a letter that accused Jean Kasum of having neglected the radio celebrity to the point that she was essentially responsible for killing him. The letter said that this neglect brought about bedsores and dehydration that were severe enough to be fatal. It added that someone responsible for the death of the insurance policyholder is not entitled to inherit the benefits of that coverage.

Casey Kasum died at the age of 82 following declining health and a long term struggle with Parkinson’s disease. His children stated that the battle that was ongoing while he had been alive had nothing to do with the money. For a year previous to his death, the kids had already been battling with Jean Kasum and her children with regards to access to the man, as well as to his care. Now this war has spread to the division of the estate and the rights to the life insurance payout.

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