Celebrity insurance message about healthcare shared by Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand (1969 Hello Dolly!) Celebrity Insurance

The legendary performer hopes to help to provide Americans with more information about the Affordable Care Act.

Although the President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are not hurting for famous names to add to the celebrity insurance promotions that back their cause, Barbra Streisand is drawing a great deal of attention to the healthcare reforms and the associated requirements and benefits for the American public.

Streisand is one of the Affordable Care Act’s most firm believers and most vocal crusaders.

Barbra Streisand (1969 Hello Dolly!) Celebrity InsuranceNow, the singer and actress is adding her name to the list of big names in the celebrity insurance campaigns designed to educate people about the coverage and health plans that they need in order to comply with the reforms to the healthcare law. That said, as much as her fans have enjoyed the opportunity to hear her speak on the issue, the primary criticism that has been presented is that she has not addressed any of the flaws that have been pointed out in this law.

Streisand’s part in the celebrity insurance and healthcare promotion campaign has been to speak with major media outlets.

She spoke with the Huffington Post, for instance, regarding the strengths of the Affordable Care Act, and the ways in which it benefits Americans. She spoke specifically of the benefits that the new level of coverage has for women and the advantage that people now have in that they cannot be turned down for coverage if they have a pre-existing condition. She also pointed out that young people stand to greatly benefit from what this law provides. Equally, she did not attempt to present any kind of rebuttal regarding the criticisms from the GOP’s supporters.

The Academy Award winner wrote extensively on the additional benefits that will be open to Americans, particularly women, and that it will now be possible for healthy young women to “receive preventative services from both private insurance and Medicare.” This includes everything from mammograms to prenatal care.

Prevention has always been a difficult part of coverage, but is one that many find to be quite promising, as early detection can help to considerably reduce the cost of treatment when a condition is present. It is expected that the celebrity insurance promotions for the healthcare reforms will continue into the early part of the year.

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