California insurance commissioner issues report card for PPO

Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner for CaliforniaThe California Department of Insurance has released the quality of care report card by insurance commissioner Dave Jones, called the “2012 Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)”.

According to Jones, this report is a useful resource which provides consumers with a larger amount of practical data about the quality of the care they can expect to receive, so that they are better able to make decisions that will meet their healthcare requirements. He added that “I want to encourage all Californians to take a look at the findings of the PPO report card before they shop for new health insurance.”

Jones explained that as 2014 approaches, and the full impact of the healthcare overhaul will be put into place, it will become increasingly vital that consumers have access to information that allows them to understand what quality of care will be available to them through a given plan. It is the Commissioner’s belief that this report card provides precisely that data.

The various healthcare plans received a rank of one to four stars among a number of different categories. This ranking is meant to help consumers to understand how well a given plan meets the national standards, as well as how customers with those plans have rated them for issues such as customer service and the ability to schedule appointments.

This is the third year that this report card has been issued, and it currently includes an assessment of six among the largest PPOs in the state: Cigna, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare Insurance Co., Inc., Blue Shield of California, and Health Net of California. None of these received the highest four-star rating.

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