Cigna health insurance sued over use of software to deny claims

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The insurer was sued in California for alleged unlawful claims reviewing software use. Cigna is now facing a lawsuit in California over allegedly unlawfully reviewing health insurance claims using software that does it automatically instead of having human employees complete the work. When a claim is submitted to an insurer, certain steps must be taken to determine if it will be accepted or denied. The healthcare system in the United States involves certain steps when it comes to determining payment through health insurance coverage. First, the patient heads to a…

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Anthem insurance company to purchase Cigna for $54 billion

Cigna's Headquarters in Philadelphia insurance company

Massive acquisition to take place as one insurer purchases the other for cash and stock. It was recently announced that Anthem will be buying the Cigna insurance company for a tremendous buyout of $54 billion in cash and stock, making this the latest huge purchase by the insurer. The buyout is for 55 percent cash in addition to the remaining 45 percent in stock. Anthem has agreed to purchase each Cigna share for $188. The combined insurance company will be serving an estimated 53 million plan members. This new acquisition…

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Health insurance companies flee South Carolina market

South Carolina Health Insurance

A dozen insurers opt out of South Carolina small group and individual markets Nearly a dozen health insurance companies are leaving South Carolina, according to the state’s Insurance Department. These insurers are refusing to write new health policies in the state, citing new regulations introduced by the Affordable Care Act. These regulations are placing significant financial strain on some companies and smaller insurers are finding it difficult to comply with some of the federal law’s provisions. As such, pulling out of the individual and small group markets of South Carolina…

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Health insurance rates could spike in Florida

Florida health insurance

Health insurance rates are set to rise, warns Florida commissioner Health insurance rates could see a dramatic rise in Florida, according to Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty. The commissioner claims that health insurance rates for small businesses and individuals will rise as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Rising rates are being linked to the formation of an insurance exchange within the state. Florida will not operate its own health insurance exchange, the presence of the exchange and the provisions of the Affordable Care Act could make coverage significantly more…

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Three large insurers opt out of California health insurance exchange

Health Insurance company merger Aetna

Health insurance companies choose to opt out of exchange program California’s health insurance exchange, called Covered California, is beginning to take shape as it inches closer to becoming fully active at the end of this year. The exchange has been accepting policy applications from numerous health insurance companies throughout the state, all of which seem eager to participate in the exchange system. Three of the state’s largest insurers, however, have decided to opt out of the exchange program, at least for the first year of its operation. Decision could limit…

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Health insurance award winner in the United Kingdom has been named

health insurance award

  Cigna has been awarded the coveted Best Group International Private Medical Insurance Provider title. The results of the 2012 Health Insurance Awards are in, and the announcements have now been made at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, England, where Cigna has now been named the top provider. The titles for the annual medical and protection event were presented by Ed Byrne, renowned Irish comedian. The health insurance awards are designed to honor professionalism and excellence within that sector of the industry. According to the Cigna Global Health Benefits, Europe,…

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Siegel+Gale releases new insurance industry survey

Insurance industry is confusing for consumers

Complexity of insurance industry noted in new Siegel+Gale survey Insurance can be a complicated matter. While many insurers offer coverage that is somewhat straightforward in concept, the language used in policies can be profoundly confusing, even for those well versed in insurance legalese. Insurance policies are often worded in a particular manner so as to limit legal liability. While this protects the insurance industry from rampant and excessive lawsuits, it also ensures that many policies can only be deciphered by a lawyer. This is a real problem for consumers, according to…

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