Auto insurance is a requirement of a new California driver’s license

california immigrant auto insurance law

Previously undocumented immigrants in the state will need to satisfy state laws to become legal motorists.

A new type of driver’s license is now available in California for undocumented immigrants, but those individuals will be required to obtain auto insurance before they will be able to legally sit behind the wheel on the state’s roads.

This coverage requirement already applies to other drivers in the state, but choosing a policy could be confusing.

It has been predicted that this sudden surge of auto insurance customers in California could create a bit of confusion when it comes to the selection of the right policy and even in paying the premiums, simply because these are brand new legal drivers in the state, and many of them are in their thirties and forties. There will be a certain number that will even qualify for the low cost car insurance program in the state.

Auto insurance agents are expecting to start to see a wave of new business, starting later this month.

california immigrant auto insurance lawThis will occur as the driver’s licenses start to be issued by the California DMV. The change is expected to create a notable expansion of the sales of insurance policies for vehicle and liability coverage.

According to one insurance agent, Dwight Johnson, from Nationwide, “They can get their children to school, they can take them to see doctors and they also can stay employed. From an industry standpoint, what it means is it gives us a more stable pool of drivers.”

Uninsured immigrant motorists who wish to obtain their licenses are now required to learn about car insurance and liability, how much it will cost them, and what discount opportunities may be available to them.

The goal is to help to decrease the number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers that are behind the wheel on California roads. However, Johnson explained that this should also be seen as an outreach and education experience, as many of these drivers who are becoming newly licensed may never have bought auto insurance before. They will need to learn the state laws and purchase the appropriate coverage. Johnson felt that this will provide both them and the community with important protection.

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