180,000 Pennsylvanians receive coverage through state’s health insurance exchange

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange

Pennsylvania exchange is performing well

More than 180,000 people in Pennsylvania have purchased health insurance plans through the state’s exchange during the first month of the open enrollment period, according to information released by the Department of Health and Human Services. The agency notes that many of the people seeking coverage for the new year were able to find policies using HealthCare.gov, the federal exchange that serves states that do not operate their own exchange system. Rapidly growing enrollment numbers have also shown that many of the issues that the federal exchange experienced last year have been resolved.

87% of those receiving coverage through an exchange are also receiving financial aid

According to the report from the Department of Health and Human Services, 79% of those that have purchased insurance through the exchange in Pennsylvania will be receiving financial aid from the federal government. Nationwide, 87% of people that have purchased coverage through an exchange are receiving subsidies for their coverage from the government. Over the past year, many states have been working to promote the availability of federal subsidies, which are meant to offset the high cost of health insurance coverage, making it more available to a wider range of people.

Technical problems of the past have been resolved

Pennsylvania health insuranceThe report also notes that the enrollment process has been much less problematic than it was in the past. After the first open enrollment period, many states took steps to improve their own insurance exchanges, while the federal government concentrated its efforts on HealthCare.gov. These exchanges have been improved and were relieved of the severe technical difficulties that made it impossible for many people to purchase health insurance policies. As a result, this year’s open enrollment period has been much smoother.

4 million people throughout the country enrolled in insurance exchanges

Some 4 million new people have signed up for health insurance coverage through exchanges nationwide. Another 6.5 million people have re-enrolled in exchanges or purchased similar plans to those they already had. In Pennsylvania, the majority of those that used the state’s exchange were new customers, with 47% of consumers using the exchange to re-enroll in their existing coverage.

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