Auto insurance discounts possible for New Yorkers who take a course

auto insurance defensive driving course

A defensive driving class could be all that stands between N.Y. motorists and paying less for coverage.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has now given its approval to a handful of courses in order to teach defensive driving so that motorists will be safer on the roads and will reduce their risks so that they can pay less for their auto insurance coverage.

These courses are being seen as a way for New Yorkers to stay safe and save money at the same time.

The purpose of the courses, which have been in existence for a few years and are finally starting to grow in number and popularity, is to teach motorists how to drive defensively. This can improve their safety in real world situations. Because of this, their risk levels from the perspective of auto insurance companies is reduced and, therefore, so are their premiums.

auto insurance defensive driving courseTo benefit from cheaper auto insurance, it is important to ensure that the courses are approved.

There are many companies in New York that are teaching defensive driving classes, but it is important to find one that has received the approval of the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure that a discount will be available from auto insurance companies. Moreover, it is important to check with your insurer to know how much savings can be expected from having made this effort.

Every auto insurance company in New York provides discounts to drivers who have received a certificate of completion of an NYS DMV approved course, regardless of whether it was taken in internet or live classroom format. This means that no matter which insurer you happen to have, they are mandated to provide you with some form of discount on your premiums if you successfully complete one of these approved courses.

The savings in auto insurance are usually considered to be quite positive. In New York, the reduction is typically 10 percent off the average rates, which can generate considerable savings. This is especially true as the savings will last for at least three years and can be applied to all of the primary drivers on a given policy.

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