Auto insurance is far higher for some Florida drivers than others

Florida proof of Auto Insurance

A recent report has shown that motorists in the state have premiums highly impacted by their location.

A report that was recently released by has revealed that location plays a very important role in the cost of auto insurance in Florida, as it does in most other states, and has revealed the cities in which drivers are paying the highest amount for their coverage.

It showed that the cost of coverage in Tampa and St. Petersburg is among the highest in Florida.

The average rate for the drivers in that region was $988 per year, according to the report from the consumer finance website. This was the third most expensive area in the state. The fifth most expensive was Lakeland, which had an average yearly auto insurance premium of $938, which wasn’t that far behind the location that was two spots higher in the rank.

Florida Auto InsuranceThat said, within the specific cities, there are communities where auto insurance is notably lower.

For example, the report showed that while Tampa Bay drivers do pay a great deal more than the majority of other city drivers in the state, those who reside in Winter Haven pay a significant amount less than people in other communities. The average auto insurance premium in that neighborhood was $726 per year, which was clearly a massive amount lower than the average for that city.

The city in Florida that was found to have the lowest average auto insurance premiums was Gainsville, where drivers paid $538 per year. On the other end of the scale was Miami, where drivers were paying about two and a half times the average rates seen in Gainsville. Miami drivers were paying the largest amount in the state, at $1,314 per year.

The survey revealed that male drivers were paying approximately 10 percent more for their auto insurance coverage than their female counterparts. The primary exception was in the case of Geico, which appeared to be charging women more than men for their car policies, according to the survey results.

The auto insurance rates vary from one location to the next quite commonly throughout the United States and many other countries around the world. The reason is that the risk is believed to change depending on where a driver resides. For instance, rates are traditionally lower for rural drivers than for those in the city, simply because the chances of being involved in an accident are lower – there is less traffic.

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