Vital health care being rejected due to insurance

Health Insurance DeclinedA recent Senate Investigation has found that a staggering number of insurance companies from around the nation have denied coverage to thousands of people in need of necessary care. The investigation took place over six months, researching more than 1,600 cases. The results of the investigation were released last Friday, leading many to question the altruistic nature sometimes lauded by big name insurers.

Michael Fields, an HVAC technician and resident of Maryland, is one of the key people that helped initiate the investigation. Fields in a coronary patient, whom on February 8, 2010, according to the report, was suffering from a severe, life threatening blockage in one of his arteries. Doctors treating Fields were unaware that he had been denied stress tests that could have prevented his condition from worsening three times previous to his visit.

At the time, Fields was a policyholder with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The insurer denied to cover vital testing declaring the procedures “medically unnecessary.” Upon discovering what was wrong with Fields, Dr. Andrew Doorey admitted him for emergency bypass surgery, saving his life. Doorey promptly filed a complaint with the Delaware Insurance Commissioner.

This is one of the thousands of cases revealed by the Senate Investigation, including instances of illegal practice from Blue Cross Blue Shield and other insurers. The findings of the investigation have put many on edge regarding insurance companies and, in particular, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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