What Is an AI Core?

ai cloud computing

Start off quickly, save money on computing, and simply scale to very large IPUs as needed. To help developers everywhere make new strides in artificial intelligence, G-Core Labs cloud services are now accessible with free trials and a variety of payment options. An easy method to add current AI computing on demand without having to set up on-premises hardware or create an AI infrastructure from start is through the use of the scalable cluster known as the Core AI.  Features and Benefits… There are many advantages of a dedicated cloud-based…

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How Has Healthcare Education Changed?

healthcare insurance

Health impacts everyone’s lives, which means, in turn, so does healthcare. With this in mind, it is clear that healthcare education is a vital part of society; but with the ever-changing and progressive healthcare industry, has education caught up, or is it still lagging behind? This piece will highlight some of the ways in which healthcare education has changed, and what needs to be updated in order for it to meet the demands in society. Healthcare Has Never Stopped Changing It is true that healthcare has never stopped changing and…

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Trump steps back from Obamacare overhaul until after the 2020 election

Donald Trump Obamacare overhaul

The president backed away from his previous insistence for a vote on an Affordable Care Act replacement. Last week, President Donald Trump withdrew from his prior push for an Obamacare overhaul vote. He had been seeking a vote toward a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Trump changed directions, deciding to hold off his efforts against the ACA until after the 2020 elections. Trump’s move away from the Obamacare overhaul vote was a recognition of the current political situation. It has become clear that health care replacement legislation would not…

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Health insurance award winner in the United Kingdom has been named

health insurance award

  Cigna has been awarded the coveted Best Group International Private Medical Insurance Provider title. The results of the 2012 Health Insurance Awards are in, and the announcements have now been made at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, England, where Cigna has now been named the top provider. The titles for the annual medical and protection event were presented by Ed Byrne, renowned Irish comedian. The health insurance awards are designed to honor professionalism and excellence within that sector of the industry. According to the Cigna Global Health Benefits, Europe,…

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President Obama`s healthcare law and the Supreme Court

The United States and the healthcare industry were shaken up with the federal statute entitled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Before it was passed, during the discussions and voting and even today, there is much debate on whether or not this statute is unconstitutional. While there have been numerous cases going through the appellate courts in different areas of the country, the findings are typically mixed. The Supreme Court has the ability to pick and choose the cases it takes on. In March of 2012, there are over…

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