Utah life insurance scam involved a man murdering his wife

Life Insurance Payment

Conrad Truman has been accused of killing his wife in order to receive her benefits payouts.

A man has been charged with a vicious form of Utah life insurance fraud that involved murdering his wife in order to be able to collect on her policy benefits of over $800,000.

The man cried over her body in the hospital but was then said to be acting strangely and obstructed justice.

Life Insurance PaymentAfter Conrad Truman killed his wife for her Utah life insurance, Heidy, a victim advocate reported that his behavior, attitude, and story fluctuated wildly. At one moment, he placed the blame on an elusive murderer, and the next moment he would claim that his wife had commit suicide. A number of other witnesses stated that Truman had been providing a range of different stories that all seemed inaccurate.

The murderer, 31 years old, was very inconsistent about his Utah life insurance plan fraud.

Truman, from Orem, Utah, visited his wife’s body in the hospital, weeping, and kissed her head and feet. He apologized to her for not being there to save her from a murderous attacker. However, witnesses also said that he asked out loud why his wife – 26 years old at the time of her death – would shave her legs if she knew that she was going to kill herself.

The many inconsistencies that followed in the statements and actions of the widower drew a considerable amount of attention to him and led him to be accused of creating the stories in order to turn the blame for the death away from himself. Each additional story that Truman created only built a stronger case against himself. Now, he faces charges of both murder and obstruction of justice.

According to a charging document in this case “The inaccuracies of Conrad’s multiple stories, the claims of Heidy being murdered, and Conrad seeing a black male run out of his home are blatant examples of Conrad’s dishonesty.”

It was also revealed in his preliminary hearing that following the murder of his wife on September 30, 2012, Truman would have been able to collect a total of $878,767 from a number of different Utah life insurance policies.

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