Life insurance payout behind woman’s intention to kill her husband

life insurance murder fraud

A mother of two in England hired a hit man to murder her husband so that she could claim on his policy.

In East Yorkshire, England, a 36 year old woman named Lisa Fairpo has been accused of hiring a man to kill her husband so that she would be able to collect on his massive life insurance policy.

The intention was to murder her husband so that she would be able to use the payout to avoid bankruptcy.

The case is now before the court and has revealed that Fairpo – who has been labeled a shopaholic – had intended to hire someone to murder her husband as she was on the edge of bankruptcy and was seeking to take advantage of the £750,000 life insurance policy that they had purchased for him.

life insurance murder fraudThe court heard that Fairpo had offered to pay for the maximum life insurance cover for her husband.

This offer was made by Lisa Fairpo through a text that she sent to her husband on the day after she confirmed her intentions with a hit man that she had hired to kill him. The couple were separated at the time, after having been together for eight years. Andrew Burr – her estranged husband – received the text in which she made the offer to pay for the maximum cover, which was £750,000.

Fairpo provided Burr with the contact information of a life insurance broker. When he actually called the broker, the court was informed that he had joked that “I think my wife is trying to kill me.”

The murder for the life insurance payout had been planned to occur in June or July, earlier this year. However, it never occurred because Maikel Ward, the 42 year old man who had been hired to be the hit man, went into a police station in London, in April, in order to reportedly say that he couldn’t go through with it. According to Ward, he had not only come to his own senses, but he also wanted to take the added step to make sure that nobody else was hired for the job.

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