Travel insurance overlooked by millions from the UK

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance remains important ...

Travel InsuranceA recent study has shown that British travelers are often unprepared for unexpected holiday emergencies.

Though the British people love to get away from it all to relax on their holidays, they are often lacking travel insurance when they do so, putting themselves at risk of tremendous unexpected expenses should emergencies or disaster strike.

Recent statistics show that more than half the population of the U.K. intends to head away from home this year.

A survey published by Think Banking Weekly indicated that 53 percent of the country’s population intended to head out on some form of travels before the end of the year. At the same time, 51 percent had no intentions for securing a travel insurance policy in order to protect themselves against the unexpected while they were away from home.

Travel insurance companies are reminding holidaymakers of the importance of being prepared.

Without travel insurance coverage, people on their vacations will be required to pay for their own medical expenses, as well as a number of other types of costs that are associated with the unexpected, such as those connected with missed flights, buses, or trains, emergency transportation, and other highly expensive and yet unpredictable costs.

Moreover, vacationers from the United Kingdom are take belongings with them that are worth an average of £1,440, but do not take the extra precautions that are necessary to make sure that if those items are lost, stolen, or broken, they will be compensated for their replacement.

The data from the Think Banking Weekly research indicated that even though their vacations are approaching within the next few months, there are 13 million people who have not made any moves to purchase travel insurance. Furthermore, those who did purchase protection typically took out the cheapest possible policy available.

Thirty nine percent of people have chosen to buy single trip travel insurance policies to cover themselves for a trip overseas from the United Kingdom. At the same time, though, 33 percent who have purchased this coverage have inadequate protection for their needs and would still face considerable out of pocket costs if the unexpected should ever happen.

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