Travel insurance company requires skiers to wear helmets

Travel insurance ski helmet

The decision made by the insurer is becoming an increasingly common one for skiing and snowboarding Travel insurance ski helmetcoverage.

Another travel insurance company has joined in the new trend that requires additional safety equipment to be worn by skiers and snowboarders who want to be covered while they enjoy their sports.

Though good gloves and a thick jacket are common protective attire, helmets are becoming required.

Though ski helmets are most commonly seen on children when they hit the slopes, an increasing number of adults are also wearing the head protection following a number of high profile travel insurance news cases where head injuries have led to serious impairments or death.

Now, Essential Travel insurance has stated that if their policyholders want coverage, helmets must be worn.

Should a policyholder choose not to wear a helmet, then they will not be covered while they take part in skiing or snowboarding. According to Essential Travel insurance policies, skiers and snowboarders who refuse to protect their heads while they’re on the slopes will be in contravention of their policy terms and they will not be covered in the event of an accident.

According to Stuart Bensusan, a spokesperson from the insurer, “Whilst it is true that a helmet does not reduce all sports injury, it seriously reduces the risk of potentially fatal injuries.” He went on to add that “That alone warrants making wearing helmets compulsory, and we choose to completely support safety-conscious skiers by rewarding them with reduced premiums and bonus discounts.”

The travel insurance company released a statement on its website to provide further explanation of their decision. There, they state that they are wishing to make a clear message that these winter sports activities involve compulsory helmet wearing if policyholders wish to take full advantage of the coverage that they have purchased.

Though the company has stated that it won’t always be possible to know whether or not a travel insurance policyholder was wearing a helmet at the time of an accident, they did explain that it will often be possible to examine medical records to determine whether the precaution had been taken.

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